What Do Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn’s Names Reveal?

What Do Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn’s Names Reveal?

Theresa Mary May nee Brasier Barnes Born 1 October 1956 (age 60)
Jeremy Bernard Corbyn Josling Born 26 May 1949 (age 68)

Will it be party politics or personalities that decides who wins the day?

An insight into a person’s full name can reveal everything there is to know about them including the events in their life.

The question on everyone’s mind is who is going to win the election and who will make the better leader. Starting with the events, the letters in Theresa May’s name indicate this is a year of two halves where events are brought to a head forcing matters to be sorted and made better. The letters in her names indicate a period of notable success spanning from the age of 56 up until the age of 63 bringing change for the better. Thereafter ensues a marked turn in events.

For Jeremy Corbyn, the letters in each of his names suggest that he is at the peak of his career and the year will bring a strengthening of his position which will last up until his 70th birthday after which his letters indicate that his career is not prominent and he may choose or need to stand down from his position.

When it comes to the question of leadership, Mrs May’s date of birth makes her a natural leader whilst Mr Corbyn’s makes a diplomat tending to hold himself back. It also indicates that his career may also be repressed by circumstances.

Both names reveal that they are logical, practical and cautious people who value friendships, partnerships and marriage. The names Theresa and Jeremy indicate they are receptive and responsive to others and situations, a positive trait which can lead to change and productive outcomes.

The name Theresa gives a love of political affairs and also success in politics.  It also indicates that she is religious, has high moral standards and self-control. The name brings difficult beginnings but ease in the end. Her middle name Mary makes her a natural protector and suggests she is caring and good with relationships. The name adds brilliancy of mind and gives luck in worldly affairs bringing connection with those in high or influential position.

The name May can mean she does not like to feel hemmed in. When this trait combines with her cautious and controlled characteristics along with her natural ability to be receptive and respond, it may result in problems for her as is currently illustrated by media and public criticism and confusion over her statements and actions.

By contrast, the names Jeremy and Corbyn denote longevity, good memory; love of social life, many friends and contact with many people. The names indicate that he is easy going but when necessary he can be very determined with great strength of character. With this name the longer he endures at something, the better it gets. He can achieve success without special effort.

But it’s the qualities of Jeremy’s middle name Bernard that the public have come to know him by. The name indicates that trust, faithfulness and loyalty are of immense importance to him and people find it easy to put their trust in him. He is motivated by peace, loves to live in peace with the world and wants peace for the world.

Should the fortunes of the political parties rest with their party leaders, then it should come as no surprise if Mrs May wins the day!



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