Relationship Compatibility Profile

Relationship Compatibility Profile


Whether you are in a settled relationship or potentially embarking on a new one, a Relationship Compatibility Profile can help deepen understanding of your partner and improve your relationship.

Explore the driving forces behind your relationship rooted in each of your personal full names and discover the potential for long lasting love.



Key Features & Benefits

 Character Profiles for both.

 Helps you to understand each other better.

 Get a new perspective of your partner.

 Improve and enhance your relationship.

 Relevant life events analysis that effects your relationship.

 Navigate through negative aspects now or in the future and strengthen your relationship. 

 Follow up 20 min session with Qaya to go over your report and answer any questions you may have.

 Relationship Compatibility Profile £120


  PDF Report emailed to you

Qaya’s Tip

Every relationship has its’ ups and downs. Every relationship undergoes times of stress and challenges brought about by life events. Your Relationship Compatibility Profile can mean the difference between breaking up or sailing through together. 



If you are in a new relationship or considering embarking upon one, then a Relationship Compatibility Consultation can explore the potential for a loving and long lasting relationship. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

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