Personalised Character Profile

Personalised Character Profile

Personalised Character Profile


Your Personalised Character Profile includes an interpretation for each of your names including first name, middle name(s), surname by birth, mother’s maiden name and surname by marriage where applicable.

This Profile also includes an assessment of how the letters in each of the names affect your personality traits and highlight relevant past, current and future life events.


Key Features & Benefits

 Discover the distinct mental, emotional and also the physical characteristics of each of your names.

 Learn how each of your names shape your personality and influence your behaviour.

 How the letters in your names are influencing your personality in relation to tendencies and behaviour.

 Discover and master your hidden strengths.

 Understand your weaknesses so you can overcome personal blocks and obstacles.

 Get practical advice and guidance for your life in relation to Relationships, Love, Health and Career.

 Outline relevant past, current and future life events.

Life events forecast for the current and coming year.


Personalised Character Profile £95


Personalised PDF emailed to you

Qaya’s Tip

Knowing who you truly are and what drives you is INVALUABLE!
Not knowing who you are and what you want results in indecision, time wasting, missed opportunities and a life filled with uncertainty.
Your Personalised Character Profile will equip you with self-knowledge so you can take control of your life. Not only will it help you to make better decisions and eliminate problems and improve key areas of your life, it will also help you to become a better version of yourself by mastering your strengths and weaknesses.

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