James Bond Character Lives Up To It’s Name!

James bond

James Bond Character Lives Up To It’s Name!

“When I wrote the first one in 1953, I wanted Bond to be an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened; I wanted him to be a blunt instrument … when I was casting around for a name for my protagonist I thought by God, [James Bond] is the dullest name I ever heard.”
Ian Fleming, The New Yorker, 21 April 1962

Ian Fleming could not have been more mistaken about the name “James Bond” being uninteresting and extremely dull. According to Name Analysis, an ancient system for deciphering names, the name ‘James Bond’ lives up to its Secret Service Agent character depicted on the big screen.

The name ‘James’ indicates that the person is very courteous and one who is appreciative of good manners in others. He has good intuition and a tendency to be too impulsive which in 007combine to give him the ability for swift action – a trait which places 007 at an advantage! It is a name that indicates expansive movement and travel features strongly with this name. It is a name usually called upon for considerable self-sacrifice, which is given uncomplainingly. This name brings a love of mystery and a passion for the opposite sex – central to 007. Obedience does not come easily to him and there is a total dislike of being restricted and hemmed in.

The name ‘Bond’ indicates long and distant journeys, especially across the sea; a love of outdoor life and a fondness for travel. It gives the bearer determination to overcome obstacles, to go beyond the call of duty to achieve success and performance of service. This name gives a childlike quality which others will find attractive, especially the opposite sex and an enjoyment of playing tricks and pranks. These traits are synonymous with 007 and depicted brilliantly with his love of uber-cool fast cars and gadgets and in the famous manner he outwits his opponents and villains at times with humour.

The theme that runs through in both the names ‘James’ and ‘Bond’ is travel which is iconic in the life of 007. James Bond is anything but uninteresting and extremely dull and his life anything but ordinary. Little did Mr Fleming know that his chosen name for his Secret Service Agent would write its own character!

Qaya’s Tip

The different actors playing Bond bring out particular traits of the name according to their own characteristics and traits. Notice how Roger Moore connected very strongly with Bond’s boyish qualities which he played out with cheeky humour. Sean Connery was every bit the well mannered and courteous gent and that’s down to the name ‘Sean’ sharing the same characteristics as ‘James’. Whilst Daniel Craig’s serious tone is focussed on overcoming obstacles, performance of service and going above and beyond the call of duty with a hint of disobedience.
This is a partial analysis of the name James Bond. There are other characteristics and traits of the name which are not depicted in the James Bond films. In a real person named ‘James Bond’, the above characteristics and traits would be balanced or made extreme by their middle names and mother’s maiden name and also their birth date.
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