In-depth Personality & Life Events Profile

In-depth Personality & Life Events ProfileIn-depth Personality & Life Events Profile


The In-depth Personality & Life Events Profile is a premium report for those seeking a deeper understanding of their personal full name and how it shapes and influences who they are and their personality and the events in their life. Includes 10 Year Forecast table of events.

The Profile is based on your full name which includes the first name, middle name(s), surname by birth, mother’s maiden name and surname by marriage where applicable. 


Key Features & Benefits

 All the features and benefits of the Personalised Character Profile.

 Learn how your full name influences you, your personality and also the circumstances of your life.

 How balanced your full name is for a happy, healthy and successful life.

 The positive and also the negative aspects of your full name.

 Examine and address any specific issues of concern rooted in the personal full name.

 Life events forecast for ten years including the current year.

 Highlight positive periods and events so you can take full advantage of opportunities.

 Outline negative periods and events so you can keep these events as small as possible, under your control.

In-Depth Personality & Life Events Profile £250


PDF Report emailed to you

Qaya will contact you to discuss specific issues of concern prior to starting her analysis.
Please allow a week for delivery.

Knowing ‘who you are’ has never been more important than in today’s world.  In an increasingly changing and competitive world, self-knowledge is key to approaching life with self-confidence. 

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