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Qaya offers Consultations to explore how your personal full name is affecting you, specific aspects of your life and your life events.

Consultations are available in Person, via Whatsapp, FaceTime, Messenger or Skype.

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You can also contact Qaya to discuss your requirements prior to booking your consultation by email at or text/call +44 (0) 7710 607711.

Upon receiving your details and consultation fee, Qaya will contact you to confirm your details and arrange a suitable time and date for your consultation.

Personalised Solutions For Life As Unique As You Are!

Name Health Check ConsultationName Health Check

£30   BOOK NOW

This consultation is a simple and effective way to have your full name checked for any imbalances and conflictive aspects; strengths and weaknesses; negative and positive life events now and in the future.



Find Love ConsultationFind Love

£45   BOOK NOW

If you are not having success with finding love or meeting the ‘right’ one, this consultation will reveal the potential for love in your name and pinpoint when during your lifetime this potential will be active so that you can make the most of the opportunity for success in love.


Improve Relationships Consultation

Improve Your Relationships

£45   BOOK NOW

If you struggle with relationships, this consultation will explore the underlying traits that are bringing conflict, breakups and problems in your life and highlight the strengths and positive aspects that you can harness to resolve the issues.


Student Career Path ConsultationStudent Career Path Options

£39   BOOK NOW

Explore the potentially successful career paths inherent in each of your names and your birth date to help you discover your unique purpose and place in life. This consultation will open your eyes to alternative (and potentially successful) career path which you otherwise may not have considered.


Improve Health ConsultationImprove Conditions for Health & Wellbeing

£45   BOOK NOW

Some names are prone to a nervous disposition bringing about mental stress, physical stress and ill health. Whilst the presence of certain letters in your name may also be negative for health resulting in stress, exhaustion, illness and disease.   

If you are not enjoying vibrant health and are suffering from stress, poor health and chronic illness this consultation will explore and reveal the underlying disposition in your personal full name that may be resulting in poor health. The consultation will also highlight any positive indicators for bringing strong health and recovery after illness, accidents and operations. 


Life Path Evaluation ConsultationLife Path Evaluation

£65   BOOK NOW

Whether you are at a crossroads, taking stock and re-evaluating your life, this consultation will help you to make sense of who you are, your past, present and clarify the road ahead and your future.



What Name After Divorce ConsultationWhat Name After Divorce?

£50   BOOK NOW

This consultation will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of your surname by marriage and explore options you may be considering or should consider given your full name and current stage in life.



Using Middle Name As Forename ConsultationUsing Middle Name As Forename

£50   BOOK NOW

Using a strong middle name with positive aspects as your first name instead can potentially boost your personality and prospects. This can be particularly advantageous for individuals who use their personal name to front their business. This consultation will explore the potential and benefit of using your middle name as your forename to enhance your career and your life in general.


Changing Your Name Consultation

Changing Your Name

£50   BOOK NOW

If you are not happy with any of your names and considering a change then this consultation will assess your current name; explore the benefit of changing one or more of your names and the possible options.



Name by Design ConsultationName By Design

Having a name that is positive and balanced is highly desirable to attain and live a balanced happy, healthy and successful life. If your current name isn’t working for you or holding you back, then changing your name may bring the desired changes you are seeking. CLICK HERE LEARN MORE



Choosing Baby Name ConsultationChoosing A Baby Name

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important and momentous decision you will ever make that will have lasting effect on your child’s life. A bad choice of name can result in an unbalanced personality and a host of problems in life.

Qaya offers consultations to help you with your decision and give you peace of mind. CLICK HERE LEARN MORE



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