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Choosing Baby Name ConsultationChoosing A Baby Name

Many parents struggle with choosing a baby name. Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important and momentous decision you will make as a parent.

Today society has lost knowledge and awareness of the power contained in a name. In our everyday life, we have lost our connection to the meaning and purpose imbued in names. Parents are increasingly picking unusual and offbeat names believing it will help their child stand out as an individual in a crowded classroom and a crowded world. But there is much more to a name than most parents or people realise.

A bad choice of name can result in an unbalanced personality which brings problems as well as illness, accidents, strange incidents and even fatalities due to ill combinations of the letters in the names.

Example : Madeleine Beth McCann Healy

Our ancestors understood all too well that a good or successful name is one that brings harmonious life. So how do parents choose a name to successfully create a life balanced for good health, happiness, love and wealth?

Qaya offers the following Baby Name Consultations to help parents choose a baby name wisely.

Baby Name Check ConsultationBaby Name Check Consultation

If you have a name in mind for your baby but would like to have it checked out to see if it is suitable, then this service will help you with your decision and give you peace of mind.






This consultation is an evaluation of your chosen baby name and will include the following features:- 

 Personality and characteristics of the name;

 How balanced it is for the family name and the birth date; 

 Positive and negative events in the name;

 Recommendation based on assessment.

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Baby Name by Design ConsultationBaby Name By Design Consultation








This consultation will ensure you select a successful name for your baby right from the start and will include the following features :-

 Has a positive vibration for a positive expression;

 Balanced with family names, date of birth, personalities and characteristics; 

 Constructed with letters that bring about the ideal conditions for love, happiness and good health; 

 Contain positive letters for success, gain and luck in life. 

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To discuss and learn more about the Baby Name By Design Consultation please contact Qaya at or text/call +44 (0) 7710 607711.


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