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Qaya LaycyAbout Qaya

Qaya G. Laycy is a Professional Name Consultant.

A desire for change in her life resulted in Qaya coming across a system of letters and numbers for interpreting names and calculating past, present and future life events. She found the system described her and also her life events through each of her names with remarkable accuracy!

To further test the accuracy of the system she used the names of her family and friends. To her astonishment it revealed how our names shape who we are and determine the events in our life. Ever since then, understanding people through their names has become her passion.

Qaya has now been analysing names of family members, friends and public figures for over fourteen years. Through this experience she has learned that our names and the birth date contain the blueprint of our “self” and our lifetime. Awareness of this information or “self-knowledge” can help us to live our life with purpose, make better choices and decisions; and successfully navigate through life’s challenges and the ups and downs most of us go through. She has also personally experienced several name changes to date and now uses her unique knowledge to help people understand themselves better and achieve balanced, happy, healthy and successful outcomes.

Qaya offers a range of Reports and Consultations based on your personal full name to help you be the best version of yourself and live your life with purpose! She also works with Counsellors, Life Coaches and Business Coaching Mentors. Her reports provide them with an awareness and understanding of their clients to achieve better results.

Contact Qaya at info@qayalaycy.com or text/call +44 (0) 7710 607711.

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