Master Your NAME  Master Your SELF Master Your DESTINY with Qaya Laycy Discover What Your Name Reveals About Your Self, Your Thinking, Your Habits, Your Attitude, Your Life Events.

Far from being just a label, your PERSONAL FULL NAME is embedded with the BLUEPRINT to your true ‘SELF’ and the EVENTS of your LIFETIME!

Each one your names’ in your Personal Full Name is a distinct personality with its own mental, emotional, physical and also spiritual characteristics which combine to create your unique ‘Self’!

For every year of your life, a letter from each of your names brings specific events into your life affecting your relationships, health, family, finances, career and prospects.

Using your first name, middle name(s), surname, your mother’s maiden name, your surname by marriage (if applicable) and your day of birth, Qaya can reveal the blueprint for your true ‘self’ and the events of your lifetime from each of your names. Your blueprint is “SELF-KNOWLEDGE” and an INVALUABLE framework and context for achieving TRANSFORMATION and SUCCESS in your life! 

Qaya offers unique Full Name Profile and Life Events Reports and Consultations designed to be practical and transformative to help you become the best version of yourself and live life with purpose!

Transform Yourself  Be The Best Version Of Yourself! Full Name Profile Reports

 Discover your unique ‘self’ and purpose in life.

 Increase and expand self-awareness.

 Get context for past and present life experiences and circumstances.

 Reframe negative life experiences and circumstances.

 Discover what really holds you back.  

 Learn to overcome your obstacles.

 Discover your strengths and learn to use them to maximum advantage.


Transform Your Life Live Your Life With Purpose! Full Name Life Events Forecast Reports

 Discover your future life events.

 Learn to minimise and eliminate negative events.

 Find solutions for problems.

 Transform your relationships, health, career and life prospects.

 Learn where you need to place your time, your money, your energies and your resources.

 Get better outcomes in life.

 Take control of your life and take charge of your destiny.


Personalised Character Profile

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Personalised Solutions for Life Consultations



Personalised Solutions for Life

Many problems we suffer in life have their roots in our personal full name. Qaya offers Consultations to explore how your personal full name is affecting you, specific aspects of your life and your life events.







Master Your Name – Master Your Self – Master Your Destiny

Self-knowledge is the key to mastering your destiny!
Don’t spend your whole life learning about yourself when self-knowledge is only fingertips away. 

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Business To Business Qaya Laycy NameXpert 


Get Better Results for Clients

If you are a life coach, counsellor or business mentor, an insight into your client’s character profile based on their full name can help you to achieve better results.




Give the Gift of Self-Knowledge


Give the Gift of Self-Knowledge

Unique Gift for Life

Give your loved one the gift of self-knowledge with a personalised Full Name Character Profile celebrating their UNIQUENESS!




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